Listening to High Fidelity reproduction of music can give you a lift or soothe and relax you depending on your needs. Can you afford to miss out on this experience by listening to your favourite music on anything but the best system? We don't think you should have to and Plinius solutions get you into true High Fidelity listening.

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People learn by experience and by experiencing high-quality audio, anyone can learn the difference between average sound and good sound. Whether they know it or not, everyone can hear the difference between good and bad audio but most have never experienced true hi-fi. They may not even notice at first. But we believe that once a person gets used to high-quality sound, it’s impossible to go back. If we can give them the best sound they’ve ever heard, they’ll want to hear it as much as possible and educate themselves (and others) in the process.
This is how we make hi-fi desirable. People are listening to music more than ever and if we can expose them to good sound they’re going to want to hear good sound forever.
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After 20 years of experience, by working in the audio industry from about 1965, Van Medevoort Audio (formerly Audioart), was founded at the end of March 1985 by Ad van Medevoort, lover of music and the technology behind it. VMA exclusively designs and manufactures all Van Medevoort products. According to Ad, a brand with an innovative philosophy behind it did not yet exist: developing high-quality audio products and bringing them for a reasonable price in a market segment, between cheap market-saturating mass products and brands that sold an amplifier, often of average quality, for a huge amount. The answer to the question whether vM delivers the best quality for the price is therefore easy to guess: Yes, positive reactions from the press, dealers and end users, both consumers and professionals, confirm this. Failure figures also immediately prove that Van Medevoort products have been made with great care for over 35 years; only less than 0.5% and a long lifespan, which is quite unique in the audio industry. In addition, all manufactured products, even 35 years old, are still repaired, then serviced and can also be modified if desired. Speaking of a circular economy…

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Acoustic Signa­ture turn­tables have always been distin­gui­shed by their use of pio­nee­ring techno­logies. Our deve­lop­ments include the ‘Silencer’ and our CLD (Constraint Layer Damping) techno­logies which reduce platter and cabinet reso­nances to ground­breaking mini­mal levels. Our AVC (Auto­matic Vibra­tion Control) tech­nology lowers the vibra­tions inevi­tably caused by motor rota­tion to a barely measu­rable level. Our Tidorfolon® bearing distan­ced commer­cially avai­lable bearing cons­truc­tions with a level of noise and friction that approa­ched zero and with its main­te­nance-free design.
But innovation knows no standstill: For the NEO series all our highly acclaimed achievements were examined by the Acoustic Signature team with regard to their potential for improvement. In this process we have left no stone unturned and pushed the limits of what is technically feasible.
This resulted in even more effective Silencer, CLD and AVC technologies and a brand new bearing design with diamond-coated spindle – the Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing (DTD®), which leaves the famous Tidorfolon® bearing behind in terms of precision and robustness.


The motivating force behind Peak is not a fancy business strategy but pure passion!
All members of the Peak team are music enthusiasts and audiophiles. This approach defines the final destination for all our products. We always consider our results as the sum of all details. For every single part in our speakers, in every construction aspect and in every single fabrication process we question all opportunities to achieve the best result. Cost no object!
The sound of a Peak speaker is intended to be impressive – not in the way of hefty bass or a crystal-clear treble together with a midrange jumping into your face. The impressive aspect in a Peak speaker is the reproduction of music as it was performed by the musicians, with personality and emotion. Our philosophy for the Peak sound is very simple: Experience Reality!
The musical experience will move you.
Peak is a small company; We dare to refer to ourselves as a specialist in audio. The truth is that most outstanding products derive from small independent enterprises: Watches, cars, musical instruments, wine, and food and many more. The key to an ultimate level of quality is the talent and desire to keep focusing on it, at all times, making no compromises!

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